About the dictionary

I had the idea for this dictionary several years ago already when I myself was a beginner with Paint Shop Pro (version 5 at that time). There was hardly any tutorial in German, and I missed a dictionary like this a lot! Even today, most tutorials are in English, and I hope that this dictionary will be a good help for German-speaking users of PSP 7.

As a basis for the entries I used the German version of PSP 7.02.

How to use this dictionary

The entries are sorted according to the order of the tool palette and the menus of Paint Shop Pro 7, so this dictionary can be used in both directions: English-German and German-English (the latter is useful for German-speaking users when they wish to write or translate their own tutorials in(to) English. The PSP icons should give an additional orientation for navigating through the dictionary.

On the index page, there are three tables: 1) the tool palette, 2) the entries of the menu bar, and 3) the various palettes.

In the table with the menus, a click on the icon with the three dots (for "more information") between the English and German columns leads you to the entries of the sub-menus.

Once the dictionary is finished, you can navigate by clicking on the PSP icons in the center of the tables: for the tools in the tool palette, there will appear a window with the terms of the tool options palettes and dialog boxes / context menus (if available), for the entries of the sub-menus there will appear a window with the terms of the dialog boxes (if available).

For the time being, you can always read under "History" below how far the dictionary has grown and what is planned next.


Since in the German-language countries internet access is mostly paid by the minute, I'm offering this dictionary as a download. When unzipping the zip file it's important that you activate the option "Retain Folders" (or similar), otherwise the links won't work! The starting page for the dictionary is then "index.htm" in the folder "pspdict".

You can always download the latest version of the dictionary here:
 psp7dict.zip (423 kb, as of 08/18/2002)



Start of the dictionary with tool palette, menus and sub-menus as well as palettes.
I'll now by and by add the tool options palettes.

07/03/2002:  Added the following tools: Arrow, Zoom, Deformation, Crop, Mover, Selection, Freehand (Lasso), Magic Wand, Dropper, Paint Brush, Clone Brush, Color Replacer, Retouch, Scratch Remover, Erase, Airbrush (all accessible by a click on their icon on the index page).
Planned: Continuing with the tools! :-))
07/04/2002:  Picture Tube and Flood-Fill tools added.
And now: on to the vector tools! :-)
07/04/2002:  Added the Text tool. (Let me tell you: I'm coming through dialog boxes which I've never seen before! ;-))
And now: continuing with the vector tools!
07/08/2002:  Draw, Preset-Shapes and Vector-Object Selection tools added, so now I've finished the tools of the Tool Palette.
Started with the Palettes: added the Tool Options Palette (with the last tab that is the same for all tools), Color Palette and Histogram Window.
Next will be the Layer Palette.
07/10/2002:  Added the Layer Palette, so the Palettes are finished as well now. Began with the sub-menus. Skipped the File menu for now since for working with PSP the other menus are certainly more interesting. The Edit menu finished (there was only the Command History to do there).
Now working on the View menu.
07/11/2002:  View menu finished.
Next: Image menu.
07/16/2002:  Image menu added; started with the Effects menu: finished and added up to (including) the Artistic Effects.
07/29/2002:  Two weeks without any updates – "real life" had taken over for a while! ;-)) Some people, however, were kind enough in the meantime to let me know that they like this dictionary, so now I'm starting again with refreshed energy!
The Effects menu is finished now, though I have to get rid of some question marks with the Presets for the Texture Effects; so that will be the next step before beginning with the Colors menu.
08/05/2002:  Most of the question marks with the Effects Presets have gone now, but I think I still have to compare some of the "Custom"-Presets to see if they're the same on the German side of the table.
Apart from that, all the menus are finished now except the File menu which I'll start working on now!
08/18/2002:  The File menu is now finished except "Browse", "Print Multiple Images" (which I'm going to work on later because there appears a new menu bar and – with the latter – toolbar with these items) as well as "Preferences" which I'll be working on now.

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Copyright for the PSP icons is, of course, with Jasc; copyright for the idea and realization of this dictionary with me.

Write me an Email!

I'd like to hear what you think of this dictionary – please write me if you like it and if it is useful for you! (Positive feedback will give me the needed motivation to make fast progress ... ;-)) But please also write me if you find a mistake anywhere, or a typo!
Send an email to Doro@dorosensen.de


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